In March 2014, the Following Signed a
Certified Letter to Ms. Ann Kerr Bache, La Jolla Christmas Parade Event Chair
Requesting a Faith-Neutral Parade Name.

​​​​​Bastien, Ph.D., Rochelle

Belofsky, Elithe

Bry, Barbara - District 1 Council Member

Casady, Derek - President, La Jolla Democratic Club

Casady, Nancy - Treasurer, La Jolla Democratic Club

Church, Sister Justine - Medical Mission Sisters

Deely, Esq., Andrew

Grumman, Irene

Hayward RSCS, Linda - Religion of the Sacred Heart

Jacobs, Darlene - Treasurer, Uptown Democratic Club

Lane, Alexandra

Manson, Phillip J. - Vice President, Uptown Democratic Club

McQuary, Ph.D., Michael - President, SDUSD Board

Mullinger, Catheryn - First Unitarian Universalist Church

Park, Michelle - Pastor,Trinity United Methodist Church

Pellettiri, Leonard - First Unitarian Universalist Church

Radinofsky, Kathryn - First Unitarian Universalist Church

Riggs, A. Wayne, Pastor (retired) - Plymouth Congregational Church
Reed, Denise A. 
Rodosovich, Teddy

Salcedo, Anabel - UFCW
Schaibly, John - 
First Unitarian Universalist  Church
Shadle Ph.D., Carolyn - Vice Pres. - Communications, La Jolla Dems

Zynda, Lawrence J. - La Jolla Town Council Trustee


Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.  
                             For indeed, that’s all who ever have

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