It is the desire and mandate of the San Diego County Diversity and Inclusiveness Group to grow and develop inclusiveness and communication while always acting from the principles we espouse.  Having an inclusive organization, attitude, or intention essentially means we are conscious that there is space for everyone.   Inclusiveness means everyone has a voice, everyone is heard, and openness and transparency are the normal practice.  

Being open and inclusive allows new ideas and new opinions to be formed; it opens doors to greater ideas than those previously held.  Its inevitable effect is newness and growth, and if it is growth we want, then these virtues serve as tools to precipitate, develop, and facilitate that growth  -- personally and organizationally.

Inclusiveness is an aura or environment of letting people in and making them feel welcome. Two examples of inclusiveness in the City of San Diego are the two night event in Balboa Park, December Nights, an event that welcomes everyone, regardless of ethnicity, race, religion, or the absence of religion and sexual orientation.  Another San Diego event with a faith-neutral name is the Holiday Bowl.