2015Financial Supporters(Double Ouch) of the La Jolla Christmas Parade

Most of you are probably aware why theLa Jolla Christmas Parade

has not listed donors for the 2015 La Jolla Christmas Parade

2014 Financial Supporters(Ouch!) of the La Jolla Christmas Parade                  


Cindy Greatrex -

President   Independent La Jolla

President  La Jolla Community Planning Assoc.   

Past President  La Jolla Town Council 

Member - La Jolla Town Council

Why would the Independent La JollaPresident  donateto thisfaith-based event? http://www.independentlajolla.org/board.html  



Mr.John Barbey

Audrey Geisel - 2nd Wife of Theodor Geisel (Dr. Seuss)-  This is an extremely sad legacy and pill for the good doctor to swallow.


EARLY 2014 Listing:  McGrory Family Fund - See the McGrory File . . . http://www.sdcdig.org/-mcgrory-file.html

LATER 2014 Listing:    McGrory Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation - See The McGrory File . . .  http://www.sdcdig.org/-mcgrory-file.html

Sadly, this individual may have been unaware that she donated in 2014.

Robert Peterson - La Jolla Management


Fine People Who Are Too Nice to List Here

Mark Edwards Family

La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club - The final private club in La Jolla to accept African Americans and Jews. . . http://www.sdcdig.org/-mcgrory-file.html  

La Jolla Kiwanis


Terry & Annette Buis 

Chase Bank of La Jolla - ONLY Loaned Their Property

Ellis Family Foundation- REPUBLICAN DISTRICT 1Candidate -

Does Ray Ellis really expect to receive votes from those who support theDIET . . . Diversity, Inclusiveness, Equality and Tolerance

Farrell Family Foundation - RESMED

Patricia Nelson Herring 

            RJS Law - Let's see what happens in 2015.



Crystal Pier Cottages - Claudia & Bill Allen

Blanchard, Krasner & French - Ouch!

This is one of the most respected law firms in the community of La Jolla.  Why continueto support an event with a faith-based name? 

John Barry Family

Capital Growth Properties 

Robert A. Collins Company

d/w print works

Four by Four Construction

Mike and Julie Furby

La Jolla Country Market

La Jolla Village Lodge - TheONLY hotel or motel in La Jolla that donated in 2014.  Is everyone welcome to stay at this motel ?

Preuss Family Foundation

Sycamore Court

Village Corner

Wall Street Building

Ruth Yansick - Current or former La Jolla Town Council Trustee


Adelaide's - Florist & Floral Designers -See Daily Disgraceful Doings

Bowers - Jewelers - Does a jeweler grow its business by supporting an event we believe has a name that reflects discrimination and prejudice (code words)?

Kjos Family

Scott & Betsy McClendon

Girard Gourmet - The owners arefine people. Their 2014 donation has been extremely difficult to swallow!  

Park La Jolla Apartments - This organization was counseled in 2014.  Does the PLJA  practice discrimination and prejudice (code words)?

Glenda Rothberg, Esq. - Former La Jolla Town Trustee

Willis Allen Real Estate - ONLY REAL ESTATE OFFICE that donatedin2014.  Does Willis Allen supportdiversity, inclusiveness, equality and tolerance?

Leo & Emma Zuckerman



June Ash 

Dan & Annette Bradbury
Casa De Manana - Let's see what happens in
Charles W. Hartford, The Hartford Group at Merrill Lynch -  Is this
registered representative interested in growing his client base?
Hegardt Group Wealth Management Merrill Lynch
La Jolla Sunrise Rotary Club
James & Elspeth Myer
Nadhir Family
Gregory & Marilyn Noonan -
ONLY REAL ESTATE AGENT who donated to an event with a name that we believe reflects discrimination and prejudice.
Tom & Cookie Sudberry, Jr.
Steve & Stephanie Williams


Less Than $500.00

Simon Andrews
Pam Babcock
John & Rosina Beaver
Roy & Diane Bell -
Roy is or was a trial attorney Diane is a columnist with the San Diego Union-Tribune
Jim & Mary Berglund
Charlene Bumol
Betty Dow 
Anne Evans
Fay Avenue Commercial
Martin Fenton
Fetter Family Trust
Julie B. Fiss
Orrin & Karen Gabsch
Bill D. Haggerty
Warren, Louise & John Heenan
Syd Jones
Richard & Ruth Kelly
KiKi’s Alterations
Betty Knappe
Craig Koontz
La Jolla Cottage Rentals – Tom Brady - Tom has been "GIVING BACK" to the San Diego Community of La Jolla for many, many years.
La Jolla Cove Plaza
Nicholas & Laurie Marechal
Stan & Phyllis Minick
Richard & Margaret Mullen
Daniel & Mary Mulvihill
Walter & Mary Munk -
We have always been uncertain how Walter feels about their donation.
Mark & Patty Nussbaum
Anne Otterson
Carolyn & Ed Parrish
Betty-Jo Petersen
Rudy & Carla Rehm
Lois Roon
William & Kenna Sandborn
David & Christina Sear
Sierra Mar Properties LLC
William & Sandra Smith
Mark & Dale Steele
Place Tegland
Darryl & Susan Thomson
Lee Vida, M.D.
Richard & Jocelyn Vortmann
Margot Washburn
Warwick’s - 
See Daily Disgraceful Doings
H. Norman Watkins
Howard & Christy Zatkin