In today’s society there are many diverse cultures, different types of people, and various contrasting mind sets. The very fact that society can relatively coexist within all these prospects of life proves that together we can achieve diversity and live peacefully within it as well. Diversity is usually derived to be as different people coming together to diffuse their cultures. High schools, work forces, neighborhoods, and most gatherings are filled with diverse people and identities on a day-to-day basis. 

Presumably one can say that diversity is a good thing, but sadly not all people believe so. Some people believe that the spread of diversity is a bad thing because it makes others who are not used to diverse cultures, uncomfortable, awkward and sometimes even ashamed. But discomfort is not always a bad thing and together we can help exhibit the ideology behind diversity. Diversity in itself is knowledge, no matter how smart one may think they are; there will never be an end to the waterfalls of knowledge. Diversity can teach you different things about why people do certain things, act a certain way, or are even portrayed in a certain manner that in the long run will bring humanity together. 

Another problem that together we can solve is that people seem to think that diversity causes “social isolation”. Diversity is the key factor into what will help us survive to the next generation, and together we can be the building blocks or role models for future generations to come. Together we can send the message out to anyone who is willing to listen, that diversity is what makes us as human beings morally strong and knowledgeable towards society and ones self. So no, diversity does not cause “social isolation”, in fact it causes social interaction and minimizes ignorance between two different types of people or cultures and together we can be the ambassadors ofdiversity and learn from one another.
We should embrace the fact that bringing a new culture to society through diffusion of traditions, foods, and other multicultural customs will ultimately bring the human race together and by doing this, together we can and should spread diversity to obtain unity within humanity from knowledge and together we can be the leaders of diversity and help in the upbringing of future