Adelaide's of La Jolla

From:  Jerry Parent

Subject:  Parade Petition

Date:  July 10, 2015 at 11:44 AM


Hi David -

Howard dropped off the attached petition requesting approval for another parade during our busy holiday season.  He asked that we address our comments to you.  Unfortunately we must respectfully request that this permit not be issued as it will negatively impact our holiday sales.  This time period is crucial for our cash flow and if this is granted we will be severely harmed.

As it stands right now, the Christmas parade hampers our sales as well. As this is a long-standing tradition, however, within the community - we plan for it and adjust to it accordingly.  Our sales, unfortunately on that day drop to below half of what they are on other Sundays during that time period.  The reason for this is simple.  The people attending the parade are ofter with their families and they are not in the Village to shop.  There is no parking and therefore difficult to get merchandise out of the store.  They are there to take part in a multi-generational tradition and to that end we, as an 80 year old business, continue to support that parade.

We wish Howard only the best in his endeavor to put on a San Diego County Diversity and Inclusiveness (Holiday/Community) Parade.  Given the small size of La Jolla Village and the need for merchants to survive lest they become a statistic, I feel it would be best to put this parade in a larger Urban area such as North Park, Hill crest or Downtown.

With respect,

Jerry Parent

Vice President/General Manager



7766 Girard Avenue

La Jolla, CA 92037

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In 2014 and 2015
Mr. Jerry Parent refused to meet with anyonerepresenting the San Diego County Diversity and inclusiveness Group. In 2014 and 2015Adelaides of La Jolla donated$600.00 to the La Jolla Christmas Parade! 

On July 10, 2015 at 10:07a.m., this writer stopped by the reception counter inside Adelaide's of La Jolla.  I handed a sealed envelope to the clerk with a La Jolla Traffic and Transportation approved petition enclosed and asked the employee to sign for the envelope.  She did so in a very pleasant manner.  

Upon doing so, I asked if I could meet with Mr. Jerry Parent, Vice President/General Manager of Adelaide's of La Jolla.  Upon her return she told me,  "Jerry said there is a family emergency.  From 10:09a.m. to 11:44a.m., a time span of 95 minutes, Mr. Jerry Parent sent the letter (email) reflected above.

Jerry Parent said, " . . . I feel it would be best to put this parade in a larger urban area such as North Park, Hillcrest or Downtown.

Jerry Parent said," . . . put this parade . . ." 

" . . . put this parade!"

SDCDIGsaid, "Why the unmitigated brazenness, crust and gall of your mean-spirited statement.

The SDCDIG said,  -  "Duh, Jerry, North Park, Hillcrest or Downtown DO NOT have a discrimination and prejudiceproblem.  UnlikeLa Jolla, the San Diego communities you have mentionedpractice diversity, inclusiveness, equalityand tolerance.

Does Adelaide's employ one African American?  




Diane Bell is by far, the most popular U-T Columnist.  Please source Diane's bi-weekly column here:


La Jolla's Dirty Little Secrets

1.  Why did the former San Diego City Manager (1991-1997) Mr. Jack McGrory, on behalf of the La Jolla Christmas Parade, REJECT City of San Diego sponsored mediation

2. Did Jack McGrory
accept his marching orders from a woman on the Hawaiian island of Maui?

3.  ​Why has
Ms. Ann Kerr Bache  La JollaChristmas Parade Event Chair, refused to speakwith the local La Jollanewspaper, the San Diego Human Relations Commission (SDHRC), the La Jolla Village Merchants Association (LJVMA), the La Jolla Democratic Party Club (LJ Dems) and the San Diego County Diversity and Inclusiveness Group (SDCDIG.ORG).

​4. To find out the answers to these questions, please see the
tab reflected above titled,"Contact Ms. Ann Kerr Bache,"theLa Jolla Christmas Parade Event Chair.

Ms. Ann Kerr Bache may be contacted by cell phone, email, land line or U.S. Mail, in addition to making an appointment to meet with her.

6.  In attempting to do so, best of luck and skill.

Please access the above link and then read what follows:

​The La Jolla Traffic and Transportation board voted 9-0 against street closures.  The reason given to the SDCDIG.ORG was that merchants did not want street closures on two Sundays in the month of December.

​​La Jolla Traffic and Transportation

An Advisory  Board

The monthly meeting of the La Jolla Traffic and Transportation Board (LJ T&T) was held Thursday, August 27 at 4:00pm at the La Jolla Recreation Center.  The LJ T&T is an advisory board.  

In March 2015, at the recommendation of the City of San Diego Office of Special Events (OSE) the SDCDIG was asked to present before the LJ T&T board to receive approval or disapproval for "street closures" for the proposed La JollaCommunity and Holiday Parade on December 13, 2015 in the San Diego community of La Jolla.  

Theformer chair of the LJ T & T was unwillingto cooperatewith the San Diego County Diversity and Inclusiveness Group (SDCDIG) from March 2015 through May 2015.

At the August 2015 meeting of the LJ T&T, the  SDCDIG was seeking, for the third consecutive month, for the LJ T&T to vote YES or NO for purposes of "street closures" on Sunday, December 13, 2015.  

It did not make a particle of difference to the SDCDIG whether the LJ T&T voted YESor NO.  Simply said, all the SDCDIG wanted was to receive a vote with any outcome . . .  period.

When discussions were concluded, a typical oral motion, in an extremely dignified, polite and straightforward manner, was made by a LJ T & T board member.  This individual, who made the first motion, asked LJ T&T board members to vote NO, whether "street closures" should be granted on Sunday, December 13, 2015.

Before the other board member could finish his oral motion, he was rudely interrupted by Ms.Nancy Warwick.  Despite the pleadings of Mr. David Abrams, LJ T & T Chair, and another LJ T&T board member who noted with irritation that another board member was speaking and in terminology generally associated with Roberts Rules of Order "had the floor," Ms. Warwick continued in an obnoxiousandrambling manner until she forced upon LJ T&T board members, her two page "written motion" document she proceeded to hand out to every LJ T&T board member and this writer. 

After doing so, Ms. Warwick, with the eyes of other LJ T&T board members still rolling with disgusted looks on their faces perpetuated by Ms. Warwick'sbold, boorish, behavior of her blatant interruption, LJ T & Tmembers had no other choice than to sit back, unrelaxed and listen to Ms. Warwickread aloud, her previously prepared, "written motion" to deny street closures.  

To those I have spoken with in the past 36 hours, none had ever heard of a two page "written motion" that was printed, distributed and then read aloudby Ms. Warwick.

How can anyone prepare a "written motion"signifying a "NO" vote from any board when those on the board had never previously heard about this individual's "written motion"and as yet, this board had never voted?"


What follows is theuncut, untouched "written motion" composedand read aloud by Ms. Warwick.  If you note a numerical listing mistake, an incorrect verb tense or punctuation error or omission, it is precisely what Ms. Warwick handed to this writer:


Howard Singer DBA San Diego County Diversity and Inclusiveness Group 
Howard Singer DBA San Diego County Diversity and Inclusiveness Group has applied for a permit as an individual to conduct a parade on December 13, 2015.  The La Jolla Traffic and Transportation board recommends that the City deny Howard Singer’s application for this date and location for the following reasons:

1.  Mr. Singer has not demonstrated support from the affected businesses and organizations to hold an event in this retail dense location at a high volume time of year.  It is an impact that can be mitigated by a change in date and location.  The chosen time and route will have a catastrophic negative economic impact on the merchants since it would be occurring during the holiday shopping season.  In addition, a major street closure is already approved, one week before the proposed event, affecting the same businesses.  A second major street closure in December is an unfair and unnecessary burden to impose on the same group of businesses.

2.  Mr. Singer’s chosen date conflicts with the La Jolla Athenaeum fundraising event that has occurred on this date for over 36 years.  His event would effectively shut down the Athenaeum’s event.  Existing protocol for selecting a date for a new event provides that the host organizer avoids a date that conflicts with other events that have a long standing tradition in the area impacted.

4.  In taking on such a large and complex event, it is of concern that there are is no professional planners or experienced volunteers identified that make the likelihood that this event would be able to address the health, welfare and safety of participants and spectators.

5.  Mr. Singer has not shown any evidence of any organizations willing to support or participate in his parade.  As of this date, there is no online presence to inform either potential participants or spectators of the necessary details of the event.  There are no identified sources of funds- either by individuals or organizations- that would pay for the vendors needed to provide for the health, welfare and safety of the event.

6.  Mr. Singer  has stated his intent, in his own words via a recent August 24 email (cc’d to the City of San Diego.)  The evidence is clear that Mr. Singer is using the City’s Special Event procedures as a means to inflict intentional harm in order to attempt to force a change to the name of the La Jolla Christmas Parade.  His application is not a proper use of the City’s Special Event procedures, nor does it appear to be a sincere application to host his own special event.  These email statements provide explanation as to why none of the needed infrastructure for such a complicated event has occurred to date.

In the event the City decides to still grant this permit.  The La Jolla Traffic and Transportation board respectfully requests the following conditions be put on his permit:

                                                          Page 2.

1.  That the parade route be relocated to another area of the Village , without retail density.

2.  Since Mr. Singer lacks experience putting on an event of this magnitude and he has previously agreed to retain the services of an event planner that has the expertise and prior experience of putting on an event of this size, that this be added as a condition on his permit.

3.  That all service vendors be confirmed 30 days in advance of the date of the event.

4.  That the mechanism for the payment for the Police Department and Traffic control officers be in place to that there is certainty that the City of San Diego will be paid for services.