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"Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world.  
For indeed, that’s all who ever have.”

-- Margaret Mead --

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Song of Brotherhood Week - "You've Got To Be Carefully Taught"

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Indian Voices • April 2016


San Diego Communities strive for cultural equity

As Mayor Kevin Faulkner so eloquently pointed out in the State of the City address ... San Diego is a city of communities. Ever since the original San Diego inhabitants, the Kumeyaay, were forced by an invading conquering people to yield the land and disperse the bayfront, a growing citizenry has woven a cultural tapestry within the city’s boundaries that ultimately formed the city of communities that we know today.  Gifted with a community soul that Donna Frye called the Aloha Spirit, at its core has traditionally been supportive of the collective will of the people.  Our city of communities have historically worked together symbiotically to create a unified image of San Diego.In the recent past culturally sensitive citizens with an eagerness to welcome a growing population of varied ethnicities to San Diego inspired an action to change the names of various Christmas community events and parades. The aim is to be more inclusive and embracive of our marginalized newly transplanted community members. By changing the names of various community events, the goal was to relax any brewing toxic separatist cultural climate.

As is typical for Americas Finest City, the people rallied around the idea and communities complied, although not without opposition. Christmas on the Prado became December Nights and eventually Christmas was overshadowed by Holiday and faith-neutral parade event names throughout the city.  The one recalcitrant hold out has been the San Diego community of La Jolla whose insistence to hold on to the La Jolla Christmas Parade name has created an outcry by those who feel that this community that has a history of discrimination and racial prejudice, a makeover is required. The players in the cultural dust up reads like a social Who’s Who of La Jolla society and includes: Jack McGrory, William J. Kellogg, Cindy Greatrex, Audrey Geisel, Darlene Marcos Shiley, District 1 Candidate, Ray Ellis, Ann Kerr Bache, and former District 1 Council Member, Sherri Lightner. Finding the thread to connect the dots to analyze and resolve this cultural quagmire may require the indigenous intelligence and spiritual guidance of the Kumeyaay Nation.  
by Rose Davis, Editor